“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Park Eun Bin Motivated Many Fans With Her Inspiring Quote… But It Was All A “Misunderstanding”

“It was just something that occurred to me at the moment.”

Actress Park Eun Bin gained immense recognition for her incredible acting in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, one of the most popular K-Dramas of the year.

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Park Eun Bin is currently on her first fan meeting tour, Eun Bin Note: Binkan, and she recently stunned BLACKPINK fans with her impressive dance skills.

The talented actress also recently sat down with VOGUE KOREA to answer fans’ questions and concerns. Although the actress clarified that while she would do her best, she couldn’t guarantee that she would give “the right answer.

I’m here at Vogue to open a counseling office. A lot of people have sent letters about their problems. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

My counseling may not be the right answer. Please keep that in mind.

— Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

The actress answered everything from how to best prepare ramen to how to deal with a jealous partner, proving her considerate yet logical thinking.

One question was asking if Park Eun Bin had more motivational quotes to share with her fans since one statement the actress made before was immensely encouraging.

You once said, ‘There’s no other way but to do it.‘ It motivates me every time I feel like giving up.

— Park Eun Bin reading a fan’s question


Park Eun Bin immediately recognized the quote, since many fans had told her how impactful it was.


But the actress admitted that while the quote may come across as motivational, it was just something she said in the spur of the moment.

Actually, ‘There’s no other way but to do it‘ was… I didn’t mean it to be motivational, it was just something that occurred to me at the moment.

— Park Eun Bin


And perhaps more importantly, Park Eun Bin isn’t sure that it’s the best quote to live by, especially since she doesn’t always follow it. The actress believes there are moments when you shouldn’t complain and should just take responsibility, which is why she made the comment…


But ultimately, she doesn’t believe you should always live by it.

I’m not working that hard all the time, so although I’m very grateful that it motivated you, do we really have to live that way?

— Park Eun Bin


Instead, Park Eun Bin believes it’s okay to sometimes “cut yourself some slack.”


But even if it was just a “misunderstanding,” there’s no denying that the quote can be motivational in the right context.


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