Actress Park Eun Bin To Hold First Fan Meeting Since Debut

This will be a special time for both her and the fans.

Actress Park Eun Bin, who is currently receiving much attention for her role in the ENA K-Drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo, will be holding her first solo fan meeting since debut. The fan meeting, 2022 Park Eun Bin 1st FAN MEETING <Eunbin Note: Bin Kan>, will be held on September 3 at 4 PM KST.

| @NAMOOACTORS2004/Twitter

Namoo Actors stated, “This will be her first solo fan meeting since debut and even with her busy schedule, she is working hard to organize and plan various activities for the event”. On the other hand, tickets for the fan meeting will open on August 12 through Interpark.

Source: star mt