Park Hae Jin cancels filming in China due to overwhelming fans

Actor, Park Hae Jin, had to halt a filming session in China due to the overcrowding of fangirls on set. The star’s explosive popularity in China has led to difficulties in filming and even caused minor accidents as well.

Park Hae Jin departed for an overseas meeting and filming for an upcoming Chinese drama Secret Society of Men- Friends, on November 30th. The beloved actor’s schedule to visit a college for filming was leaked throughout the whole campus. Within minutes of the news, the Chinese students went as far as missing their classes to gather at the filming scene. This caused an uncontrollable influx of people and due to the rain, many students slipped on the stairs and were injured. As the situation got serious Park Hae Jin agreed to cancel the filming in hopes of preventing more fans from becoming injured.

According to Park Hae Jin’s agency, “Filming is important, but protecting the fans’ safety is most important. The decision to cancel the filming has been decided together with the local staff on set. Please look after Park Hae Jin, as he is trying hard to show his acting skill and image through this drama.”

Meanwhile, Secret Society of Men- Friends, is the second series of a hit Chinese drama Secret Society of Men broadcasted three years ago. The drama tells a story of the friendship, ambition, and love of men in their 30s. With the news of Park Hae Jin’s casting, many are expecting the upcoming drama to make it big in China.

Source: Entertainment Hankyung