Luxury Apartment Registered To Legendary Singer Facing Foreclosure — To Be Listed On Public Auction

BTS members is known to own homes on the same complex.

Legendary singer Park Hyo Shin‘s home is reportedly facing foreclosure and is listed to be sold in a public auction.

Park Hyo Shin

On January 12, Yonhap News reported that a home that had been registered as Park Hyo Shin’s home of residence was listed to be auctioned off. The report states that the property was being foreclosed and is being appraised to be worth ₩7.89 billion KRW (about $6.01 million USD).

Acccording to the report, the singer’s luxury home is in the exclusive Hannam The Hill complex, one of the most expensive properties in Korea, and is famous for being home to several BTS members and other top celebrities.

Hannam The Hill | Flokq

Yonhap News reported that although the home is registered as Park Hyo Shin’s home of residence, it is owned by the singer’s previous label, Glove Entertainment. The news outlet stated that it couldn’t verify if the singer is currently living in the home.

Meanwhile, Park Hyo Shin, who is one of Korea’s most acclaimed vocalists, signed with Glove Entertainment in 2016. The singer left, however, when he proved in court that he hadn’t received any compensation for three years and, in 2022, set up his own label.

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Source: wikitree