Park Hyoshin and Jung Ryeo Won swept up in marriage rumors

On November 2nd KST, Kookmin Daily reported an exclusive article stating that Park Hyoshin and Jung Ryeo Won are getting ready for their marriage.

According to the article, an insider from their alleged wedding planning told Kookmin Daily, “Jung Ryeo Won and Park Hyo Shin are carefully getting ready for their wedding. They are secretly contacting wedding planners to pick a wedding venue and a dress. While their relationship is well known among fans but they generally keep it as a secret to allow them some privacy.”

Jung Ryeo Won was spotted at his ‘Happy Together’ concert in last December and at his musical ‘Phantom’ this May.

However, soon after the news was reported, the CEO of Jung Ryeo Won’s agency, Key East Entertainment, stated, “The rumors of their marriage are not true at all, the two artists have never even personally met each other.”

Source: Kookmin Daily, Chosun Daily