Netizens Defend Park Hyung Sik After Journalist Attacks Him For The Most Ridiculous Reason

“Is he a journalist or an anti?

Netizens came to the defense of Park Hyung Sik after a journalist criticized him for refusing to do a heart pose.

Park Hyung Sik | MBC

On July 27, Park Hyung Sik made an appearance at a Chanel event.

In a report titled “Park Hyung Sik ‘Why Do We Need To Give Prior Request When Jun Ji Hyun And Song Hye Kyo Obliged,” a journalist writes that the idol, when  asked to do a heart pose, ignored the journalists’ request.

Journalists asked him to do a heart pose. Park Hyung Sik stood there with a blank expression. We asked again louder, thinking he didn’t hear us. We then asked again and then thought he wasn’t doing the pose because he didn’t want to. After the photo time, Park Hyung Sik told journalists that he didn’t do the pose because we didn’t receive the request prior to the event.

— My Daily

The journalist then criticized Park Hyung Sik’s reason for refusing their request.

Journalists report events on behalf of fans’ eyes and ears. We didn’t ask Park Hyung Sik to pose because we are fans, we asked all 11 celebrities who attended the event to pose on behalf of their fans. Whether they pose or not, this in itself can be something enjoyable for fans. Park Hyung Sik’s words (explaining why he didn’t pose) when he left the event are too calculated.

— My Daily

The journalist then posted photos of Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun doing the heart pose.

Song Hye Kyo
Jun Ji Hyun

Netizens, however, pointed out the fact that other celebrities also refused the heart pose and accused the journalist was bullying Park Hyung Sik by singling him out.

Won Ji An
Park Seo Joon

Many felt the journalist was bullying the actor and that their report wasn’t fair especially considering the fact that, it turns out, Park Hyung Sik did do the heart pose.

The report has since gone viral in online communities, where many netizens criticized the journalist while defending the actor.

  • “Obsessed with hearts.”
  • “Is he a journalist or an anti? What’s wrong with them?”
  • “Park Seo Joon didn’t do a heart pose. There is nothing wrong with not doing the pose, why single him out? Seriously, what are they doing?”
  • “It’s understandable if he doesn’t do it. Does this warrant an article?”
  • “If it’s a brand event, the brand might have requested celebrities not to do any poses. Regardless, this article is trash.”
  • “This journalist sucks, isn’t this an abuse of power? LOL.”
  • “Who cares about a heart? LOL. Ridiculous.”
  • “The journalist is sick in the head.”

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Source: theqoo