Park Hyung Sik Shows His Love For BTS’s V At The Seoul Music Awards

The bromance is real between former co-stars Park Hyung Sik and V at the recent Seoul Music Awards.

Both celebrities were notoriously known for their close friendship after starring on the drama Hwarang with Park Seo Joon.

On the day, Park Hyung Sik was tasked to present the winner of the Bonsang awards with actress Park Eun Bin and the two briefly talked about the number of male idol groups promoting last year.

He was asked if there was a particular group that he particularly liked.

“He was selected as the #1 Most Handsome In The World, Our V.”

-Park Hyung Sik 

The comment received quite a reaction from the audience as V stood up candidly holding up a V-sign.

This not the first time that the actor has done so. A few days back, he proudly boasted about V’s new title by commemorating it on his Instagram account.

If that’s not bromance, I don’t know what is.