Park Hyungsik Awarded For His Outstanding Work In The Military

He was a top trainee among the new recruits.

Park Hyunsik reportedly showcased outstanding work in the military and was awarded the training director’s certificate. The certificate is only awarded to those who show top performance and exemplary attitude during basic training. Along with the award, Hyungsik was given 3 days of vacation for his hard work!


Numerous fans from all over the world attended his award ceremony. Hyungsik made sure to thank all the fan who came to celebrate with him but also thanked his parents with the biggest hug.


Park Hyunsik joined the Nonsan Army Training Center on June 10. Now that he’s completed his basic training, he will be receiving his second-half education at the Army General Administrative School and then moving on to be placed as a police officer to fulfill the rest of his military duties.

He is scheduled to be discharged from the military in January 2021.