Park Jihoon Joined His Fanclub Chatroom But Kept Getting Kicked Out Because No One Believed Him

He was blocked and kicked out as spam.

Park Jihoon caused a scene at one of the open KakaoTalk chatrooms dedicated for his fans. He first joined the chatroom with the username “Park Jihoon”.


But he was quickly kicked out from the chatroom as the fans believed he was a troll pretending to be Jihoon. In order for them to believe him, he began posting photos of his dog Max, but his fans further claimed him a fraud because the photos of Max were high quality when Jihoon is famous for taking low quality photos.


Tired of getting reported and kicked out, Jihoon posted on his official fan cafe, and his fans finally believed that it was actually him!

His account was quickly made an admin and Jihoon posted an announcement that called out his love for his fans!


Mays then showered him with their love as Jihoon responded with an adorable emoji and his own love for them.


Jihoon literally spent the whole day chatting with fans as he promised! He logged on for the first time around 2pm and stayed around until nearly 10pm!


King Jihoon once again proves that his love and thoughtfulness for his fans goes above and beyond expectations!

Source: Nate Pann

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