Park Jihoon Gets His Own Garden Inside Seoul Forest And It Looks Entirely Refreshing

It looks perfect for day dreaming.

Seoul Forest Park, located in the heart of Seoul, shared on its official Instagram account pictures of its brand new garden addition – solely dedicated to former Wanna One member-turned-solo-artist Park Jihoon. Fans are in awe of how beautifully the garden has been put together and are also ready to celebrate him in serene nature!


The funds to set up this “Park Jihoon Garden” came from Park Jihoon’s very own fan club. In May 2019, as a celebration of his birthday, the fans collected then donated $10K so the park could dedicate a section of its area to turn into a small garden for Park Jihoon.


Finally completed, the garden looks absolutely gorgeous. Fans are in love with how it looks super peaceful and serene – like the vibe that Park Jihoon gives off himself! They are getting ready to visit Seoul Forest Park and indulge themselves in the greenery.


The Instagram account pointed out, “The Park Jihoon Garden across from the outdoor stage is now open.” The park thanked Park Jihoon’s fans for the generous donation for building the forest, as well as for the community service performed. In a serious of hashtags, Seoul Forest Park urged Park Jihoon himself to come and visit his beautiful garden!


Fans also hope Park Jihoon will bless the garden with his visit. Should he indeed grace Seoul Forest Park, we know for a fact that’s going to be a visual explosion – like spotting a fairy in its most natural element!

Source: THEQOO

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