Park Jihoon Reveals Why He Was Actually Surprised When A Fan Swore During A Video Call Fansign

Rather than the swearing, this was what caught him off-guard instead!

Park Jihoon talked about his reaction to a fan swearing on a video call fansign, and revealed why he was actually surprised at the time!

Park Jihoon | @0529.jihoon.ig/Instagram

Park Jihoon recently appeared on the latest episode of IDDP, where he searched for himself on social media, and read comments left by his fans!

As he searched for himself on Youtube, he came across the viral video of a fan who was on a video call with him, and when the alarm signalling the end of the call rang, she swore loudly, leaving Jihoon extrmely flustered!

Watching the interaction again, Jihoon rushed to explain why he was so surprised at the time, and it had to do with the loud volume of the swear word in his ears!

This was a real reaction, because I was listening to it with my headphones! One bad thing about video call fansigns is that I can’t really hear them. So I tend to turn up the volume a little bit. So I turned up the volume and listened, and suddenly…


He then said how because the volume was so loud, he was sure she was cursing at him, and was so shocked that he couldn’t help but react like that!

I reacted so naturally without even expecting that. You know when you react so instinctively, right? I could clearly hear it, and I was so surprised. At that moment, I was thinking ‘Was it for me?’ That was my real reaction!


Park Jihoon just made his comeback with “Gallery”.

And you can watch him talk about the interaction with his fan here!