Park Jihoon Breaks Down In Tears During Kiss Scene, And His Co-Star’s Reaction Proves Their Chemistry

He felt the character’s emotions so deeply that his co-star quickly reacted.

Park Jihoon is starring in At A Distance, Spring Is Green and recently caught attention for a kiss scene that left him in tears and proving the chemistry between him and female lead Kang Min Ah is a must-see.

Park Jihoon

While filming an emotional kiss scene between their characters Yeo Jun and Kim So Bin, Park Jihoon felt the character’s emotions so deeply that he suddenly cried and gently wiped away his tears.

Warming the hearts of viewers, Kang Min Ah softly asked Park Jihoon why he’d suddenly cried and took the time to slowly wipe away his tears before they finished up the emotional scene. The two even chuckled about it, showing off their friendship.

By the time they reached the actual kiss, Park Jihoon wasn’t the only one affected by the scene.

Both Kang Min Ah and Park Jihoon were wiping away their tears from the emotional moment between their two characters.

Between their soft reactions to filming the heartfelt scene and how quickly they were to comfort each other, viewers loved their chemistry and looked forward to the show even more.

Kang Min Ah (Kim So Bin) and Park Jihoon (Yeo Jun). | @KBS_Drama/Twitter

Watch the behind-the-scenes clip of the endearing kiss scene that had viewers feeling ALL the feels and wondering how they could make crying look so beautiful.