Park Jihoon’s Heartbreaking “Weak Hero Class 1” Scene Goes Viral For His Amazing Acting

Park Jihoon wasn’t the only one crying after the scene.

On top of being an amazing solo artist, Park Jihoon recently proved he’s also a talented actor by winning over viewers of Weak Hero Class 1 with his award-winning skills.

Park Jihoon | @Park_Jihoon_twt/Twitter

Weak Hero Class 1 focuses on school bullying, with Park Jihoon taking on the role of high school student Si Eun, who’s provoked by bullies and receives help from friends. In the scene that went viral, Si Eun is approached by the school’s staff as he shrugs them off.

Reaching his boiling point, Si Eun punches his hand through two glass windows and screams in a heartbreaking mix of pain and anger.

As the students and staff stared at Si Eun in silent shock, the tears and emotional expression on Si Eun’s face broke the viewers’ hearts.

As the scene went viral, viewers praised Park Jihoon for being the “best actor” to pull off such powerful emotions that reached viewers through the screen. They also hoped he’d win “all the awards” for his heartfelt acting.

If Park Jihoon’s acting skills made such an impact from one single scene, the rest of Weak Hero Class 1 is sure to keep viewers feeling emotional as well.

Weak Hero Class 1