Park Jimin Freaks Out On JYP During LIVE Television, Demands An Album Immediately

She “jokingly” told JYP that she needs new music.. like, right now!!

Park Jimin has been an MC for Arirang After School Club since 2014. She’s known for being super funny and random on the show.

After three years on the live show, she’s had some pretty hilarious moments – but none can top this. While Kevin was discussing New Year’s goals, Jimin started freaking out at Park Jin Young.

JYP. Are you listening? I need to sing. I’m a singer. So that’s why I need an album. You know what I mean? I didn’t release a song in at least a year. Are you listening? I need a song. 

— 15& Jimin

Kevin and Jae tried to calm her down, withKevin trying to wrap up the conversation quickly, but Jimin was not having it.

I need a song. I need an album. You listen? I’m a singer. I have to sing. But I don’t sing. I’m MC-ing. What is that? Call me. 

 — Jimin

Her labelmate and fellow MC, Jae from Day6, sensed trouble but couldn’t stop her.

We need to sing. We’re JYP. We need an album.

— Jimin

Jimin debuted in 2012 as a part of 15&, with five singles and one full-length album. As a soloist, she has had one single and one mini-album.

Her most recent work was her mini-album “19 to 20”, released in August 2016. She also released a handful of OSTs, digital singles, collaborations.

Nevertheless, compared to other artists who debuted in 2012 like EXO and Ailee, her discography is still extremely limited. Though the moment was pretty funny and adorable, it seems Jimin is frustrated with putting out no music in 2017.

You can see a video of the entire moment here!