Park Jimin Reveals Why She Left JYP Entertainment And Her Regrets

Jimin poured her heart out.

It recently came out that Park Jimin would be leaving JYP Entertainment at the expiration of her contract.

In an Instagram post, Jimin talked explained why she came to this decision and also elaborated on some of her regrets during her career with the agency.

The seven years between K-Pop Star and now was a long period of time in which I went through middle school, high school, and eventually became an adult. I have learned a lot and grown a lot at JYP during this time. This month, my contract with JYP expires.

There are regrets. Rather than trying to define the last seven years with a word like “sucess”, I think of this as a new start to my career. I do feel regretful thinking about the songs I wasn’t able to complete before leaving JYP and all the people at that agency who worked hard on my behalf. But more than any of that, I think that I gained valuable things during my time at JYP.

Rather than having a brilliant but short career as a singer, I want to work hard with a humble mindset and do the music I want to do, so that I can mature into a good person who can help the people around her. I think that is what truly defines success. If that is what I have taken away from my time at JYP, I can leave the agency without any regrets

I am putting the final touches on my last JYP album, which will be released in August. Thank you to JYP Nation Studio J and producing director Park Jin Young.

I will keep putting out good music after finding a good place to work. Please watch over me!

– Park Jimin

Park Jimin had been with the company ever since she won the first-ever K-Pop Star. She debuted in the duo 15& with Baek Yerin and later made her solo debut.

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