Park Jin Young’s Past Emphasis On The Importance Of Personality And Character As Idols Resurfaces Online

“Think of modesty as a type of insurance.” — Park Jin Young

In light of the recent poor attitude controversy that Red Velvet’s Irene is facing, Park Jin Young‘s past emphasis on the importance of personality and character to the trainees who have become TWICE members resurfaced online.


In the Mnet audition program, SIXTEEN, Park Jin Young stressed to the now TWICE members that character is more important than skill as idols.

In order to become a singer under JYP, your character is more important than your skills. The standard of a good person is based more on character than skill, meaning you have to be hardworking, modest, and honest.

— Park Jin Young

In particular, Park Jin Young compared modesty to insurance.

You have to think of modesty as a type of insurance. Rather than just being nice to your drivers and stylists, you have to be thankful to them with your heart.

— Park Jin Young

But he admitted that an idol can still succeed without modesty, although it comes with limits.

When you live life, you’re bound to face crises. And there’s no way to get out of that alone. You need the help of those around you to get out of those problems.

— Park Jin Young

As such, Park Jin Young advised the now TWICE members to put their attitude and manners before anything else.

I hope you become idols who are hardworking, modest, and honest. I hope you become idols who don’t have to be careful when you are active in the industry.

— Park Jin Young

Ahead of this resurfaced lesson by Park Jin Young, Red Velvet‘s Irene was called out for having a poor attitude.

Both Irene and SM Entertainment released a formal apology shortly after for her behavior.

Source: Insight