Park Jin Young Leaves A Message About Park Jimin’s Last Album With JYP Entertainment

And she responded to him.

Park Jimin of 15& released her last album with JYP Entertainment after being with the label for the past 7 years since her debut.


She revealed that she was thankful to JYPEntertainment and the staff for helping her grow over the years as a musician and a person.

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K팝스타때 부터 지금까지 7년이란 긴 시간동안 중학교 , 고등학교 , 그리고 성인이 된 지금까지 JYP 에 있으면서 많은 것을 느끼고, 배우고 컸습니다. 그리고 저는 이번달을 마지막으로 JYP 와 계약이 끝나게 되었어요! 아쉬운 마음은 있어요. “성공”이라는 단어하나로 7년을 표현하기에는 저는 이제부터 시작이라고 생각을 하지만, 그동안 지내오면서 아직 저의 곡을 못 만났다고 생각하면서 JYP 를 떠난다고 하니 저를 위해 고생해주신 분들한테 죄송하기도 하고 아쉽기도 하네요, 근데 그것보단 더 값진걸 전 JYP 에 있으면서 배우고 가는거 같아요 . 짧게 반짝하고 끝나는 가수가 아니라 오래 오래 겸손한 마음으로 노력을 하다보면 그때 정말 내가 원하는 좋은 음악을 하고 , 그리고 좋은 사람으로 성장해서 다른 사람들을 돕고 베풀 수 있는 사람이 되는것. 저는 그게 정말 성공이라고 생각이 들더라고요 , 그걸 배우고 나가게 되어서 정말 후회 없이 웃으면서 나올수 있었어요. JYP 에서 소속된 가수 로서는 8월에 나오는 마지막 앨범을 준비하면서 마무리를 지으려고 합니다! 그동안 JYP NATION STUDIO J 그리고 박진영피디님 정말 감사드려요. 앞으로 좋은 곳에서 더 좋은 음악 많이 들려드릴게요! 지켜봐주세요!

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Ever since K-Pop Star and until now, I’ve been with JYP for the past 7 years – through middle school, high school, and into my adulthood. I experienced a lot, learned and grew. And my contract with JYP comes to an end this month!

I do feel sad. I can’t describe the past 7 years as a ‘success’ because I feel like I’m just starting now. I do feel sorry and regretful to everyone who worked hard with me as I’m leaving JYP without sharing my songs yet. But I’ve learned something better while I was in JYP.

I’ve learned that instead of becoming an artist who only shines brightly for a short time, I want to become someone who humbly continues to work harder in order to release the music that I want and to grow into someone good who can help others. I think that’s real success. Thanks to that lesson, I can leave without regrets and a smile on my face.

I plan on releasing my last album as a JYP artist this August! I truly thank everyone at JYP NATION STUDIO J and Park Jin Young PD.

I will let you listen to better music at a better place from now on!

Please look forward to it!

— Park Jimin


Park Jin Young decided to leave a heartfelt message to Park Jimin for her last album with his agency. He revealed that he was “so proud of her” for “growing to become a true artist.


And Park Jimin soon followed up with her own gratitude for his post!


Here’s to the bright future for both JYP and Park Jimin as they go their separate ways! Check out her last music with JYP, titled “Stay Beautiful”!