Park Jin Young Receives Backlash About TWICE’s New Song

What an unexpected turn of events.

Park Jin Young is receiving many negative comments from TWICE fans.

On the 12th of last month, TWICE released their 3rd special album title song, “The Best Thing I Ever Did”.

After the song was released, fans who were dissatisfied with the song expressed their thoughts on Park Jin Young’s Instagram account. The new song was written by Park Jin Young himself.

Following the release of “The Best Thing I Ever Did”, CEO Park uploaded comments related to the song. He wrote, “This is the 588th song I wrote. I wanted to give it a good vibe, so I just wrote the chorus, completed the accompaniment around it, and then passed it on to my fellow songwriters.” He continued by saying, “They completed the melody and gave it a refreshing vibe. What do you think?”

The comments that followed were full of criticism. TWICE’s fans didn’t hesitate to leave feedback on the new song.

Most comments were quite harsh. Some examples include “Stop giving TWICE your songs”, “Stop using TWICE to fill your own greed”, and “I’d rather hear better songs than see more frequent comebacks”.

What are your thoughts on TWICE’s new song?

Source: Wiki Tree