Park Jin Young Reveals Story Behind His See-Through Pants

There was a reason he chose to wear it.

On a recent episode of Super Intern, Park Jin Young invited 11 fans and interns to his 25-year anniversary exhibition.


When they came upon his famous see-through pants outfit, he told them the story behind it.


He explained that he chose to wear the outfit out of frustration.

“(In the past), we couldn’t wear sunglasses on stage.”

“You were suspended from broadcasts for wearing sunglasses, for wearing earrings, for dying your hair…”


During those times, the entertainment industry was apparently very strict when it came to styling. In fact, Park Jin Young explained that there was a time when he couldn’t appear on broadcasts due to his extreme fashion.


He has previously stated that he would wear normal clothing during the rehearsals and intentionally wear the see-through pants on live broadcasts.

I wore normal-looking clothes for the broadcast rehearsal and purposely wore the vinyl clothes on stage for the live broadcasts to surprise everyone.

ㅡ Park Jin Young


Watch the clip below:


Source: Dispatch