Why Park Jinyoung Thinks Physical Album Sales Trump Digital Sales

He’s disproving this common “fact”.

Digital sales in sites such as MelOn are a measurement of a group’s popularity in South Korea. Constant streaming among various age groups is difficult to achieve, and making it to the Top 100 is already a great feat among idols.

Melon Chart Top 100.


JYP Entertainment‘s founder Park Jinyoung, however, disputes the impression that digital sales are the most important check-point of a group’s popularity.

He mentioned to a crowd that digital streaming is more music-based than artist-based.

Digital streaming can still bring large attention as long as the music is popular. It’s like you would still listen to good music even if you are not a fan of the musician. As such, digital streaming is not as important [as physical album sales].

– Park Jinyoung

In contrast, high album sales is directly proportionate to other forms of income.

But when it comes to hard copy albums, only the true loyal fans would purchase them. If album sales are good, it directly leads to concert profits. That’s because when you’re a fan loyal enough to buy albums, you go to a concert and you buy your artist’s merchandise.

– Park Jinyoung


He concluded with a firm statement reinforcing his beliefs.

So for a company like us with idol groups, the best indicator of success is album sales.

– Park Jinyoung

Source: theqoo