Park Kwang Hyun’s hand writes a heartfelt letter to fans prior to his wedding day

Park Kwang Hyun did not fail to thank his fans for the support for his career as he tweets a heartfelt, handwritten letter to his fans before his wedding day.

On December 6th, Park Kwang Hyun begins the letter with a title, “To my beloved and cherished fans.” The actor posted a handwritten letter to fans to express his appreciation for their unending support and his regret for not updating them on his news about his marriage sooner.

In the letter, he mentions, “Although 10 years have passed, I am always sincerely thankful for [you] being there for me. Whether my project was successful or not, I was able to cheer up with all of your unceasing support. I will cherish all those times as good memories in my heart. I am regretful and burdened that I could not keep my promise of letting my fans know about my wedding news first. But I am happy that I could say my last goodnight as a single man. Starting tomorrow, I will become a husband of a woman. To become a good husband, dad, and actor.. please support our family!”

The actor will tie an eternal knot with a beautiful, education practitioner two years his junior, on the night of December 7th, in Gangnam. They will leave for their honeymoon after spending the Christmas season in Korea. The two met at an event held by their mutual friend two years ago and officially started seeing each other this June.

Meanwhile, veteran actor Lee Sun Jae will officiate, radio performer Ahn Ji Hwan will MC, and singers Kim Won Joon and Yurisangja‘s Lee Sae Joon will sing the commemoration song at the wedding.

Source: The Fact