Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun’s Maybach Revealed To Be Registered Under Actress Sung Yuri’s Husband’s Name

Sung Yuri’s husband spoke about his relationship with Kang Jong Hyun.

Controversial businessman Kang Jong Hyun, who was revealed to have dated actress Park Min Young, attempted to clear the many allegations against him and, in the process, revealed his relationship with actress Sung Yuri‘s husband, Ahn Sung Hyun.

Kang Jong Hyun (left) and Park Min Young (right) |
Ahn Sung Hyun (left) and Sung Yuri (right) | Maeil Kyungjae

In the exposé, the article revealed several concerning facts about Kang Jong Hyun’s past, including the fact that he had been convicted of fraud.

Between 2013 and 2014, Kang Jong Hyun was involved in a fraud case, defrauding about ₩3.50 billion KRW (about $2.45 million USD) from A Capital Group by altering the ledgers. He was charged with fraud and forgery of private documents.

— Dispatch

The article also alleged that Kang Jong Hyun’s past business ethics were murky at best.

In 2014 and 2015, Kang Jong Hyun was involved in a roundabout loan scheme with a financial institution. Through the financial institution, a total of ₩33.2 billion KRW (about $23.3 million USD) in private equity bonds were issued to help acquire a company. In this process, Kang Jong Hyun borrowed an extra ₩9.00 billion KRW (about $6.31 million USD) by taking advantage of a weakness in the financial institution.

— Dispatch

The article also alleged Kang Jong Hyun of taking advantage of the law to not repay his debts while still living a lavish lifestyle.

The cars Kang Jong Hyun have been seen driving. Ahn Jung Hyun’s Maybach is the second car in the bottom row. |

During a follow-up article with Dispatch, where Kang Jong Hyun attempted to clear his name of the allegations, the businessman claimed all of his wealthy possessions were loaned to him by friends.

It was then revealed that the Mercedes Benz Maybach Kang Jong Hyun drove around was registered under Ahn Sung Hyun‘s name. Ahn Sung Hyun is Sung Yuri’s husband.

Kang Jong Hyun seen with Ahn Sung Hyun’s Maybach |

When asked about his relationship with Kang Jong Hyun, Ahn Sung Hyun insisted they weren’t close despite him driving a car registered under his name.

Kang Jong Hyun isn’t someone I meet often.

— Ahn Sung Hyun

Meanwhile, Park Min Young had previously acknowledged dating Kang Jong Hyun but claimed that they had already broken up. Many fans were skeptical, however, as the two had been deeply entrenched in each other’s lives. The couple had met each other’s parents, and Park Min Young’s sister was on the board of directors for one of Kang Jong Hyun’s alleged businesses at the time of the exposé. Kang Jong Hyun is also alleged to have ties with Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment.

Park Min Young’s sister on the company’s board of directors. | SBS
Source: wikitree, Sports Khan and Dispatch
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