Park Myung Soo Just Paid To Cure This Child’s Deafness

He might act like the devil but he’s an angel.

Lee Kang Min was born with congenital hearing loss, but thanks to EDM DJ and television personality Park Myung Soo, he was able to hear for the first time in his life.

In 2015, Park Myung Soo became a patron of The Snail of Love organization after finding out about it through Infinite Challenge. The organization is dedicated to providing those with hearing loss with care, including hearing aids and surgeries.

At the time, Kang Min’s family was facing some financial difficulties and it seemed as though they would be unable to provide the child with the surgery needed. Thanks to Park Myung Soo’s generous donation however, Kang Min was able to have the surgery. 

To show their gratitude, Kang Min’s parents wrote a letter of thanks to Park Myung Soo.

“When we heard that the donor for the surgery had been confirmed, we cried tears of happiness.”

— Kang Min’s Parents

Kang Min’s parents’ handwritten letter of gratitude to Park Myung Soo.

Referring to Park Myung Soo’s character on television, they parents shared that they are so “happy to be able to share Park Myung Soo’s scolding with Kang Min”.

The parents also shared that Kang Min is healthy and living a happy life and they will continue to cheer on Park Myung Soo as well!

Source: The Snail of Love and Insight