Park Myung Soo notices idols who have collaborated with him left their groups

Park Myung Soo notices that Nicole and Jessica, both who have collaborated with him in the past, have left their groups.

On the April 26th broadcast of Park Myeong Su’s Radio Show for KBS Radio Cool FM, entertainer Park Myung Soo and music critic Lee Dae Hwa brought up KARA for their segment, “Hidden Track of an Album.” They commented that “Mister” drew much more attention that the title song of the album, “Wanna.”

Park Myung Soo then mentioned, “At the time, KARA was really like a baby, but now they are so mature. They just turned into twenties then. Like for example, Han Seungyeon really looked like a baby, so I couldn’t even dare joke that to her. Also, I sang the song ‘Go Rae’ (Whale) with Nicole.”

Then Park Myung Soo pointed out, “But those who have collaborated with me.. Jessica (left Girls’ Generation) and Nicole too have left, so did Primary (Primary Skool). Well this is nothing to hide about right.. it may be that those who collaborate with me gets bad luck because of me. I don’t know if I should just work alone or with foreign musicians from now on. I’m just saying this because it’s unfortunate.”

Source: DongA News