Park Myung Soo Had A Private Conversation With BTS In An Airport Restroom

Park Myung Soo revealed what he regrets most about his private conversation with BTS in the airport bathroom.

Park Myung Soo shared an experience he had, when he suddenly ran into BTS at an airport washroom!

“In the past, I met BTS at a restroom in Gimpo Airport but they were all wearing masks so I couldn’t tell who was who.” — Park Myung Soo


Even though he didn’t know who each member was, BTS couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing Park Myung Soo.

“BTS saw me and they all said, ‘Wow it’s a celebrity!'” — Park Myung Soo


Park Myung Soo revealed he had one regret from his encounter with BTS.

“I should have asked them for their phone numbers then, I regret it now. But we took a picture together and it turned out well.” — Park Myung Soo


This isn’t the first time Park Myung Soo showed he was a fan of the group. He once called BTS the “Korea’s pride” and expressed his interest in collaborating with them.

Source: Sports Today, Herald Pop and Star Today