Park Myung Soo Praised By Netizens As It’s Revealed He Will Cover Repairs After Car Accident

The accident was not his fault.

Park Myung Soo received praise from netizens after it was revealed he would cover the full cost of the repair for a recent traffic accident, despite not being at fault.

The comedian encountered a traffic accident on November 21, when his car collided with a school bus. Fortunately, no children were on board the bus at the time of the accident. Although Park Myung Soo was found not at fault for the accident and needed to rent a vehicle while his car undergoes repairs, he has stated that he will bear the cost of the repairs.

This is his third good deed in relation to cars. Previously, when his car was damaged due to a mistake by a part-time worker at a parking lot, he also covered the cost then. Additionally, back in March 2015 when he encountered a minor traffic accident with a taxi driven by an elderly man, he once again bore the cost out of pocket.

Source: kstyle and kstyle