Park Myung Soo’s wife turns out to be an expert in real estate

Park Myung Soo and his wife recently came into the spotlight after it was revealed that she is an expert in real estate in addition to being a dermatologist doctor.

Han Soo Min married Park Myung Soo a few years ago, and since then she has been supporting the family along with Park Myung Soo. On February 17th, it was reported that Han Soo Min has bought land and buildings at the price of 8,800,000,000 won in Seoul.

An expert says, “The purpose of the land seems to be for building a new structure. In fact, being at such a convenient location, the building and land will provide great value in the future.

Nevertheless, the couple had sold their previous building property in Seoul for 4,660,000,000 won. This building itself was famous for having the entire building encasing a Starbucks franchise. The building was commonly called the Starbucks building or Park Myung Soo’s building among neighbors while in fact, the true owner of the building was his wife, Han Soo Min.

The building was originally bought in the year of 2011 at the price of 2,900,000,000 won. After three years of ownership, the building has created revenue of more than 60%, the couple raking in 1.7 billion won. It’s questioned if their new properties would provide as much revenue as their previously owned building.

Source: Sports Chosun