Park Seo Joon “Calls Out” A Doppelganger On Instagram — But There’s An Unexpected Plot Twist

“We better not cross paths…”

Park Seo Joon might be a true gentleman in every way, but the actor has showcased his tough side after “calling out” a look-a-like on Instagram.

Actor Park Seo Joon | @bn_sj2013/Instagram

On July 20, Park Seo Joon confused fans when he shared a photo on Instagram of an account that was seemingly initiating the actor. The photo was seen of someone that looks like Park Seo Joon and actress Park Bo Young, and he commented, “Who are you?”

When clicking on the account tagged, the caption on the account read, “Nick and Judy couple’s newlywed life.” It already had two photos on the account, and one of them was the photos seen of the two Korean stars used in the profile picture.

The photos were very different, with the first looking like a blurred version of Park Seo Joon and the second being an adorable photo of the actor and Park Bo Young.

| @min_castle0809/Instagram
| @min_castle0809/Instagram

Along with calling them out on his Instagram story, Park Seo Joon even took to the second photo to “threaten” the mysterious account imitating the actor.

  • We better not cross paths… because it would put one of us in danger.
The comments under the second photo | @min_castle0809/Instagram

Yet, the hilarious plot twist came when netizens realized that Park Seo Joon wasn’t actually seriously calling out the account because it is actually an account for the actor’s role in the upcoming movie Concrete Utopia. 

The actor plays Minseong and stars alongside Park Bo Young, who plays his love interest, Myunghwa.

It meant that many assumed that it was actually a marketing technique to get fans excited about the movie.

When people realized what was happening, they couldn’t get enough of the marketing techniques and many even joked about how Park Seo Joon’s fellow Wooga Squad member Park Hyung Sik would be jealous.

As expected, marketing for the movie is truly going above and beyond, showcasing why so many fans are excited to see the duo’s chemistry when it is released.

You can read more about Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young’s chemistry in the project below.

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Source: @min_castle0809
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