Park Seo Joon Responds To The Overwhelming Support He Received From His Famous Friends For His New Movie

Park Seo Joon’s friends showered him with so much love!

Park Seo Joon‘s new movie “The Divine Fury” recently held its premiere in Seoul, where some of his very famous friends decided to show their support by attending the event!


BTS‘s V attended the screening, where he blew everyone away with his simple yet mesmerizing style.


He also uploaded a supportive message on Twitter for the movie, where he posted a photo of himself with Park Seo Joon and actor Choi Woo Shik!


World famous soccer player, Son Heung Min, also attended the event and posted a photo in support of the movie!


With so much love and support from his many friends, Park Seo Joon commented that he was also surprised by their overwhelming support.

He emphasized that his friends and he aren’t close solely for publicity and show. They continue to support each other only because they truly want to cheer for their friends!

I didn’t ask them to help promote the movie for me. I think the closer we are, we shouldn’t say regretful words. We aren’t friends because we want the publicity [for promotions].

Of course, I am thankful to them. I was surprised by their social media posts.

We don’t let each other know or anything. We never say, ‘I did this so you need to come.’ I was amazed by how things turned out.

— Park Seo Joon


That is true friendship goals right there! Check out the trailer for Park Seo Joon’s new movie “The Divine Fury” below:

Source: isplus