Park Seo Joon Spills The Tea About His Experiences Filming For The Upcoming Marvel Movie “The Marvels”

The movie can’t come quick enough!

In July 2021, netizens worldwide couldn’t hide their excitement when it was finally confirmed that actor Park Seo Joon would be officially part of the cast for the upcoming Marvel movie The Marvels, and many speculated that he could be playing the role of Korean-American hero Amadeus Cho.

Park Seo Joon

After Park Seo Joon’s name was added to the IMDb, the actor made his way to London, England, to start filming and even shared his time with fans through vlogs on his YouTube channel.

| Record PARK’s/ YouTube
| Record PARK’s/ YouTube   

Yet, although he showcased his time in the city, he hasn’t said much about the role and the experience as Marvel is known to be very secretive about upcoming projects and expects the actors to be the same.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Park Seo Joon sat down and discussed everything from his iconic friendship with the members of the Wooga Squad and the impact of his roles. In particular, he also spilled some tea about his reaction to being contacted by Marvel and his experiences.

| @bn_sj2013/ Instagram

During the interview, Park Seo Joon shared his reaction when he was first contacted by Marvel to discuss possibly being in a future film. Unsurprisingly, it was definitely a #relatable response that anyone would have.

When I first heard that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wanted to speak with me, I couldn’t believe it. I actually couldn’t believe it.

— Park Seo Joon

| @bn_sj2013/ Instagram

Like the other actors, Park Seo Joon was very tight-lipped about the other details and even added, “I’m just trying to be careful with Marvel-related questions.” Although he couldn’t share much about the story or movie itself, he shared how it felt during the time.

I’m not someone who has a fear of challenges, but whether I am filming in South Korea or abroad, everything is a challenge for me.

— Park Seo Joon

Of course, even a veteran actor like Park Seo Joon must feel daunted. He explained that the scale of the Marvel franchise did worry him when he started filming. Luckily, it seems like the rest of the cast were there to help give him confidence.

So, I did feel some nerves at first. But everyone was so helpful and welcoming that I was able to find my feet really quickly.

— Park Seo Joon

| @bn_sj2013/ Instagram

There is no denying that Park Seo Joon is able to take any pressure from roles and embrace them. Whether he is playing an ex-con like in Itaewon Class…

| The Swoon/ YouTube 

Or being a warrior like in Hwarang…


Or even a former taekwondo athlete, Park Seo Joon always slays every role with his amazing talent.

| Vui Singapore/ YouTube 

When the film comes out, there is no doubt that Park Seo Joon will shine once again in whatever role he is playing. With years of experience, it is definitely time for the world to notice his talent.

You can read the full announcement below.

Park Seo Joon’s Appearance In “The Marvels” Confirmed

Source: Guardian
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