Netizens Allege Sexual Harassment After Fan Forces Herself On Park Seo Joon

“This is sexual harassment…”

Park Seo Joon was forcibly hugged by a fan during a special screening of his movie.

Park Seo Joon |

On August 5, Park Seo Joon appeared at a special screening of his upcoming movie Concrete Utopia.

On this day, the actor along, with his co-stars Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Young, stood in front of the theatre, where they greeted fans.

Lee Byung Hun (left), Park Bo Young (right) | Sports DongA

After greeting fans, lucky fans were selected to receive gifts. A host at the premiere called up winners who came on stage to receive their prizes.

One fan, however, then charged the stage despite not being called up. The fan then approached Park Seo Joon before forcing herself on him. Park Seo Joon looked visibly uncomfortable but obliged the fan before security intervened.

Netizens criticized the fan and the security at the premiere, with many stating that security should have prevented the fan from getting so close to the actors.

What the… I am sharing this in the hopes that no one does this. This occurred during the premiere at CGV. I was shocked when a person who didn’t even win just went up. Then all of a sudden, she hugged Park Seo Joon. This is sexual harassment. Don’t try to touch the actors without their consent.

— @mirinrae_rainbow/Twitter

Wtf? Was she drunk?

— @IOxOLa/Twitter

Is she crazy? What is she doing? This is assault.

— @sjpark881216/Twitter

I was also at the premiere and they didn’t check the audience for weapons, and anyone was allowed in. It is dangerous for the actors. There were some people there that didn’t even know the actors would be greeting us.

— @cryptoghost7777/Twitter

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