Park Seo Joon Becomes A Total Shy Boy Next To Legendary Actress Lee Na Young

Even Park Seo Joon can’t keep his cool around her!

Park Seo Joon may be the epitome of the “cool guy”, but even he couldn’t keep his cool at a recent charity event.


Park Seo Joon met actress Lee Na Young up close and personal during the event and he turned into the shyest fanboy!


Since the beginning of the event, he couldn’t even stand close to her as he left the biggest gap between himself and the legendary visual actress.


He had absolutely NO problem taking the mic cooly from actor Lee Jin Wook…


But literally bowed down as he handed the mic to Lee Na Young! He couldn’t even make eye contact with her!


But as soon as Lee Na Young began talking he couldn’t keep himself from staring! It’s 100% understandable as Lee Na Young’s beauty has been famous to be even more breath-taking up close!


The press asked everyone to get closer for the final pose, and Park Seo Joon had the cutest smile on his face as Lee Na Young stepped up right next to him!


And he couldn’t stop smiling his goofy smile with his goofy heart!


How much more adorable can this King get?!

Source: MK Sports