Park Seo Joon Reveals Horrifying Reason He Didn’t Respond To Dating Allegations

The actor makes a shocking revelation concerning his safety.

Park Seo Joon revealed that he is a victim of stalking.

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On August 1, Park Seo Joon spoke with Wikitree ahead of the release of his movie Concrete Utopia.

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On this day, Park Seo Joon, who was recently swirled up in dating rumors, revealed the reason why he didn’t comment on his personal life.

I wasn’t always this guarded, but there is a reason (I didn’t comment).

— Park Seo Joon

The actor then revealed that he had been stalked until recently.

Has this ever happened to you? When you leave the parking lot but you see the same car constantly following you? They even know where I am about to go, and there are times when they arrive there before me.

— Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon revealed that he was stalked for close to two months and stated that it was “Chilling and scary.

The actor revealed that the experience had left a mark on him. Park Seo Joon revealed this was the reason he didn’t talk about his personal life.

These experiences kept me in my room. There are times when the same person follows me in a different car. This happened before and still happens now from time to time. I think these experiences have changed me this way.

— Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon then stated that because of these experiences, he didn’t want to reveal his personal life and the people closest to him.

I live carefully not to cause harm to my family members. Before, I would upload photos of my family members because they liked it, but after going through this, I regret doing so. Once I realized that I could (bring harm) to the people closest to me, I didn’t know where to draw the line.

— Park Seo Joon

Previously, the actor was alleged to be dating singer xooos.

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At the  time, the actor responded to the allegations by stating that he did not want to reveal his personal life.


Source: wikitree