Singer Yoo Jae Hwan Confesses That Park Seo Joon Made Him Question His Sexuality

He had a *lot* to say about Park Seo Joon’s visuals.

No one is immune to Parasite and Itaewon Class actor Park Seo Joon‘s good looks—not even his fellow celebrities. In a recent appearance on MBC every1‘s Video Star, singer-songwriter Yoo Jae Hwan confessed that the actor even made him question his own sexuality.

While talking to the hosts of Video Star, Yoo Jae Hwan revealed that he happens to go to the same gym as Park Seo Joon. “I never got to say ‘hi’ or talk to him,” he admitted, “But I feel so honored to be going to the same gym as him.”

Yoo Jae Hwan | MBC

From that moment on, Yoo Jae Hwan couldn’t stop gushing over how handsome Park Seo Joon is. “He’s incredibly good-looking,” the singer insisted, adding, “Everyone has to see him at least once in their life.”

Park Seo Joon

Yoo also explained that alongside “having ‘good-looking’ written all over him,” Park Seo Joon has a unique vibe. He went on to say that seeing Park’s visuals made him think that outer beauty is even more important than inner beauty, and confessed, “I’d never been so mesmerized by someone’s looks before.

Still not done praising Park Seo Joon, Yoo Jae Hwan went on to say, “Anyone who sees him will be inspired to write a new poem or to come up with a new recipe,” calling the actor a “walking sculpture.” He even sent Park a video message on the show.


Park Seo Joon, you are like a piece of art. I’ve never seen such a beautiful piece of art before. When I saw you, I thought to myself, ‘If you would ever betray me, I’ll completely understand. You can betray me.’

— Yoo Jae Hwan

After Yoo finally stopped praising Park Seo Joon’s incredible good looks, rapper Sleepy, a fellow guest on the show, told the singer he was confused by the outburst. “I’m just sitting here thinking, ‘Has Yoo Jae Hwan just come out or something?’” he explained, referring to coming out as gay.

Sleepy (left) | MBC

Yoo Jae Hwan went on to clarify that he’s not actually gay despite enjoying Park’s visuals as much as the rest of us. However, he did admit that he wasn’t always so certain about that. “Park Seo Joon definitely made me question my sexuality for a brief moment,” he confessed.

Source: SBS News and ALL THE K-JAM