Park Shin Hye to hold “Dream of Angel” fan meet in Shanghai

Actress Park Shin Hye will be stopping in Shanghai, China as one of her destinations for her tour, 2015 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour ‘Dream of Angel.’

In January 2015, Park Shin Hye completed her busy schedule filming for the drama, Pinocchio. In addition to the popularity of the drama, Park Shin Hye had also performed on Hunan TV which further proved her popularity in China.

After finishing her events for Pinocchio, the actress embarked on her Asian tour, 2015 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour ‘Dream of Angel.’ Park Shin Hye will be moving forward to meet her fans in Japan on March 15th before finally stopping in Shanghai on March 28th.

Park Shin Hye recently participated in many pictorials which revealed her inner beauty through breathtaking photos. For Ceci magazine, the actress posed graciously on the beach while showing off her modest elegance through Agatha Paris.

Source: Sports Khan