Park Shin Hye Surprises Lee Hong Ki On Set Of “Hwayugi” With Unexpected Gift

Lee Hong Ki was moved to tears by Park Shin Hye’s surprise gift.

Friends and fans usually gift a coffee truck or some snacks, but Park Shin Hye went all out by gifting all of Lee Hong Ki’s filming crew to a bowl of samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)!

Park Shin Hye surprised everyone on the set of A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi) with a hot bowl of nutritious (and pricey) soup, but no one was as surprised as Lee Hong Ki when he read her sweet message.

Park Shin Hye printed out a poster of the two with a message saying, “Hong Palgye (Hong Ki character’s name)~ Eat a lot, Eat twice, oink oink.

She also sent out a heartfelt message to the crew, “Hwayugi team~ Please enjoy a hot meal and be safe while filming.

Hong Ki uploaded it all onto his Instagram and replied, “I was so touched by Park Shin Hye’s surprise… Thank you… I’ll work hard during filming… Thank you~

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He captioned the post, “Ah… I’m so moved… So this is what it feels like… Thank you so much Shin Hye!!!! I’ll enjoy it and film well!!!! #Hwayugi #Foodtruck #ParkShinHye #Loyalty #Amazing“.

Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye’s friendship goes way back to when they first met for the drama You’re Beautiful in 2009.

Since then, Park Shin Hye had featured in Lee Hong Ki’s solo MV “Insensible”.

And they continue to prove their sweet friendship throughout the years!