Park Si Hoo files official complaint against 76 netizens

Park Si Hoo steps up the legalities as he files a complaint against the netizens responsible for the numerous malicious comments online. 

On February 2nd, Park Si Hoo’s management agency stated that the actor has filed a legal complaints against the netizens. It was revealed that the actor suffered and endured these consistent malicious comments for the past few years and will show no mercy for those responsible. With the complaint filed at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office, it was noted that at least 76 people were filed for the charge.

Park Si Hoo only aims to hold them responsible for the defamation and insulting comments made by these netizens which were based on false information.

The attack started after the actor was involved in a rape case allegation filed by a young trainee actress back in 2013.

Image: Daily Sports
Image: Daily Sports

Source: Daily Sports