Popular Korean Actress Fractures Her Ribs In An Accident

Popular Korean actress Park So Hyun experienced a sudden accident in her home which resulted in a fractured rib.

Park So Hyun is the current host for SBS‘s Power FM (107.7MHz) radio station, Park So Hyun’s Love Game. SBS announced that due to her injury, Shin Soyul, Shindong, Hwang Jae Sung, Danny An, and other artists will take turns hosting the show during her absence. They also offered this quote about postponing her prospective activities.

“Her broadcasting schedules on the 14th will be postponed due to the accident and further plans will be discussed.”


She addressed the public through her agency with this quote.

“I am very sorry for being absent in my activities because of my sudden accident. I will try to get better soon and try my best to come back. Please wait for me.”

– Park So Hyun

Source: Dispatch