Park Soo Hong Reveals Kim Saeng Min’s Current State Since His #MeToo Scandal

Park So Hong stated he was able to get ahold of Kim Saeng Min on the phone.

Comedian Park Soo Hong gave an update on Kim Saeng Min (who was removed from all shows and commercials after a sexual harassment allegation broke) for the first time since the scandal came to light.

Park Soo Hong and Kim Saeng Min are known to be close friends.


On the latest episode of Heard It Through the Grapevine Show, Park Soo Hong explained he was able to speak to Kim Saeng Min on the phone prior to shooting the episode.

“I heard Kim Saeng Min talked to Kim Soo Yong (another comedian) on the phone recently and cried a lot. So I texted Kim Saeng Min and asked if he would be willing to speak to me over the phone. He called me back.” — Park Soo Hong


When Park Soo Hong offered to speak on behalf of him and deliver any messages he’d like, Kim Saeng Min apologized.

“At first Kim Saeng Min pretended to be okay. But when I asked if he had anything he’d like me to say on behalf of him during the show, he wouldn’t say anything else but ‘I’m really sorry’ and ‘I’m having a really hard time’. He kept repeating those two things and broke down crying.” — Park Soo Hong


Park Soo Hong shared his shock regarding Kim Saeng Min’s scandal.


“It’s hard for me to imagine that Kim Saeng Min was involved in such a case. He has been such a righteous person who never looked down on anyone or treated anyone badly. It’s unfortunate this happened, I feel bad.” — Park Soo Hong


To this, netizens are reacting with disappointment in Park Soo Hong for trying to defend Kim Saeng Min.

  • “What’s the point of being righteous only to people he knows? He destroyed a person’s life. He should pay.”
  • “Oh, he never looked down on anyone so he harassed a staff? Why is he defending a sexual criminal as a good person? Maybe he has his own secrets, huh?”
  • “Wow, look at Park Soo Hong empathizing with the criminal… He’s backing up a sexual predator.”


Since the #MeToo scandal, Kim Saeng Min has stepped down from 7 different TV programs and may face over $950K in penalties for cancellation charges from contracted commercials.

Source: Dispatch