Actress Park Soo Ryun’s Appearance In K-Drama “Snowdrop” Resurfaces Amid Her Passing

It was her first K-Drama role.

Park Soo Ryun, who passed away at the young age of 29, is belatedly revealed to have appeared in the K-Drama, Snowdrop.

Park Soo Ryun | @su.ryeon_p/Instagram

On June 12, OSEN reported that the actress fell down a flight of stairs while returning home and was announced brain-dead. Although in shock, the actress’s family honored her kind nature by donating her organs.

Actress Park Soo Ryun Passes Away At Age 29

The actress, who debuted in 2018 through the musical Il Tenore, has been belatedly revealed to have appeared in the 2021 K-Drama Snowdrop. In the drama, Park Soo Ryun played one of the detained university students who were later released by authorities.

Furthest right: Park Soo Ryun | @su.ryeon_p/Instagram
| @su.ryeon_p/Instagram

At the time, the actress uploaded a photo of herself and drama-lead Jung Hae In to her Instagram. In the post, Park Soo Ryun thanked the actor for

Jung Hae In sunbaenim,

Although my role was very small, thank you for staying until the very end (of our scenes) and taking care of each university student! I hope to meet you on another project.

— Park Soo Ryun

Park Soo Ryun would later upload several photos of her castmates, including a picture with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Meanwhile, a memorial wake was held for the actress at a funeral hall in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do.

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