Park Yeon Su Sparks Criticism For Dressing Her 12-Year-Old Daughter In “Lingerie”

Park Yeon Su fired back.

Actress Park Yeon Su has responded to netizens who criticized her for dressing her 12-year-old daughter in what they referred to as “lingerie”.

On June 30th, Park Yeon Su shared a photo of her daughter, Song Ji Ah, from a recent photoshoot. Song Ji Ah has recently been gaining attention from netizens for her resemblance to Suzy.


It appears that some netizens saw the outfit she was wearing in the photo as inappropriate and criticized Park Yeon Su for dressing her elementary school student daughter in such an outfit. Park Yeon Su shared a screenshot of one of these comments.

Netizen (screenshot): “For those who don’t find this photo a problem- the concept of a girl who has just turned 12 makes me uncomfortable. That dress looks more like lingerie, her thighs are exposed bare and it looks as if she’s covering her private parts. What is this? Ignorant and thoughtless women.”

Park Yeon Su: “Lingerie…ignorant and thoughtless women…I guess you use words like expose, lingerie and thighs for a 12-year-old girl because you are full of thoughts!”


Park Yeon Soo then posted another full-body photo of Song Ji Ah and expressed her disbelief at people were misunderstanding the concept of the photoshoot.

Translation: “How can they see this as lingerie…to a 12-year-old girl, it’s a scary world.”


Meanwhile, netizens continue to have split reactions to the photos with some sharing words of encouragement and some expressing that the outfit was indeed inappropriate for an elementary school student.

Source: Instagram