Park Yoochun Denies Rumors Regarding Sexual Relations With Fan And Plans To Take Legal Action

He has already submitted evidence to the law firm.

Recently, former JYJ member Park Yoochun was under fire for allegedly messaging a fan and requesting inappropriate sexual relations with her. Former reporter and current YouTuber, Kim Yong Ho, exposed Park’s alleged past regarding his “incorrect perspective regarding values with women.”

Park Yoochun posted an official statement denying the rumors and revealed that he would be taking legal action. Below is the full statement.

Hello this is Yoochun. I have changed my mindset and am doing my best to prepare for the future now. I know that the reports, which aren’t true, have been bothering those that believe in me for the past several days, and I think this is something I need to do in order to put the past behind me and move on to the future. I believe I need to do this confidently without avoiding it, not matter how unfair it is.

A few months ago, I learned about a shocking fact that I could not even imagine about the current CEO of Ricielo, and I tried to hear an explanation, but I couldn’t contact him, and ultimately decided to proceed with civil and criminal legal proceedings against the CEO.

In response to this, the other party gathered several reporters to accuse me of crimes such as fraud and embezzlement by leaking all kinds of slanderous articles that aren’t true, but none of the criminal charges raised by the other party were true.

Most recently, the claim made by a YouTuber on August 22, 2021, that I contacted a fan personally and sexually harassed her is not true at all. This is just more groundless slander and a deliberate personal attack, so I will be preparing to take legal action.

Currently, I have submitted all supporting materials proving the multiple civil and criminal unfair cases against the CEO of Ricielo the law firm, and some of them include evidence that can correct the false allegations the other party has raised against me.  

However, because those particular cases are all very serious crimes, I will not reveal them so that the investigative agencies can take proper action. I believe that the injustice and false slander I experienced from the other party will be revealed soon.

The whole process will take some time, but I will share everything transparently to the fans that are supporting me. Thank you so much for not giving up and believing in me until the end. August 24, 2021.

— Park Yoochun

Source: chosun