Park Yoochun Resurfaces With A Sudden Apology On Someone Else’s Twitter Account

It was unexpected.

Park Yoochun (formerly known as Micky Yoochun), a former member of TVXQ and JYJ, gave an update on his current feelings through a handwritten apology letter.

Park Yoochun | Hankook Ilbo

On November 1, Yoochun publicly released a letter in English through his younger brother and actor, Park Yu Hwan‘s Twitter account. Along with a picture of the handwritten letter was a caption that said, “Announcement from Yoochun.

Park Yoochun began by apologizing for reaching out to his fans late and causing concern.

Firrstly, I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in reaching out to all of you and for causing you any unnecessary concern.

— Yoochun

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He admitted that there are ongoing claims about him and that he has been taking action.

I do not neglect the ongoing claims. However, I have been investigating them and am planning to take legal actions. So, for now, I cannot share details.

— Yoochun

He also expressed his gratefulness to the people who have supported him.

I sincerely apologize for everyone having to encounterrr and be impacted by these rumors. Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for supporting me patiently.

— Yoochun

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Earlier in 2019, Yoochun received a suspended sentence for drug use with his then-girlfriend. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison with a two-year probation and was released. At that time, Park Yoochun apologized for his involvement in drug use and expressed his intention to retire from the entertainment industry. However, he later reversed his decision and made a comeback, actively engaging in activities both domestically and internationally from January 2020 onwards.

He then signed an exclusive contract with the agency Re:Cielo Entertainment and started activities overseas, but last year, Park Yoo-chun entered into a legal battle with Have Fun Together, the company that had acquired the management rights from his former agency, Re:Cielo. The Seoul Central District Court cited Have Fun Together’s application for an injunction to prohibit Park Yoochun from appearing on broadcasts and engaging in entertainment activities domestically and internationally. As a result, Park Yoochun’s entertainment activities came to a halt.

| Logbook Entertainment

Since then, he joined Logbook Entertainment and earlier this year, he uploaded content on the agency’s YouTube channel.

Read Yoochun’s full handwritten apology here.




Source: Wikitree and Donga