Park Yoochun Sued For $1 Million USD After His Dog Bit His Friend’s Face

The ‘friend’ waited 7 years to sue Yoochun.

According to police reports, a friend of JYJ‘s Park Yoochun had visited the singer’s house 7 years ago when his dog bit him in the face.

The friend was bitten near the eye and experienced extreme pain over the years. Nearly a decade later, he decided to sue Yoochun to the Gangnam Police Station for alleged negligence.

News reports say that the friend originally had decided not to sue him because Yoochun’s mother personally apologized after the accident. However, as the treatments for his injury became more extensive and scar repairs took a longer process than expected, the friend decided to take care of the matter legally.

“Before he decided to file the lawsuit, the friend sent proof of his injury to Park Yoochun’s agency for compensation but the agency never responded.

He had refrained from taking it up with the court because of his close relationship with Park Yoochun and his label.

He originally didn’t ask for any compensation nor take any legal action out of goodwill between friends, but he has been suffering from the extensive treatments for years.”

— Insider

C-Jes Entertainment, Park Yoochun’s agency, also spoke up to clarify the situation.

“No actions were taken against the problem 7 years ago.

We were under the impression that the issue was taken care of after we compensated his medical bills and apologized.

But we recently received a demand for 1.2 billion won (~$1.1 million USD). We haven’t been in contact throughout his treatment over the past 7 years, so we will be looking into the facts and taking care of the issue accordingly.”

— C-Jes Entertainment

The breed of the dog wasn’t released, but Yoochun is known to have three dogs: an Alaskan Malamute named Harang, a Golden Retriever named Namu and a Poodle named Norae. He has also yet to speak up about the accident.

Two of Park Yoochun’s dogs.
Source: Yonhap