Past statement made by Kangnam about Cheetah on “Unpretty Rapstar” resurfaces

A statement made by Kangnam months ago during the airing of Unpretty Rapstar has resurfaced and gained attention from netizens.

Kangnam made a guest appearance on the female rap competition show as a guest singer for the track “My Type,” which was eventually won by Jessi and Cheetah.

During his appearance, Kangnam said during a personal interview, “If I liked girls with short hair, I seriously think I’d date Cheetah.”

After hearing his remarks, Cheetah replied during her own interview on the show, “Kangnam, you bastard,” which aroused laughter from viewers.

Currently, Cheetah made an appearance on MBC‘s entertainment program I Live Alone along with Maeng Ki Yong and Ye Jung Hwa, revealing their single life to viewers.

Netizens commented, “Cheetah’s cute,” “I think they match really well,” and “Cheetah’s makeup is really bold.”

Source: Segye Ilbo