Past Video Of VIXX Ravi’s Psychological Test From ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Resurfaces After Dating Rumors

Old videos are beginning to resurface online.

Recently, news reports revealed that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi were dating for over a year.

Although SM Entertainment released an official statement denying the rumors, many fans revealed they had a feeling the two were dating even before news of the two dating was released online.

A previous video clip from KBS‘s 1 Night 2 Days reveals a psychological test review of each of the members. For Ravi’s test, he drew a heart tree and had a professional break down the meaning behind his drawing.

The professional took a look at both his drawings and asked why he decided to scratch his previous one and draw a new one.

Ravi revealed that he had initially drawn a tree and two people next to it, but ended up scrapping it because the background colors clashed with the drawing of the people.

With the remaining five minutes left, he quickly drew a new drawing of a tree in a shape of a heart.

As soon as she saw his previous drawing, she asked, “Are you currently dating?”

Ravi was quick to answer no to this question.

The psychologist wondered why he tried to cover up the drawing of the man and woman in the previous drawing.

The other members became suspicious and felt that he was trying to hide something.

After taking a look at his final drawing, her review of Ravi’s test was that he was someone with an overflowing passion and a goal-oriented person.

What do you think of this? Watch the full video clip below!

Source: theqoo