PD Lee Ye Ji to sign contract with SM C&C after resigning from KBS

PD Lee Ye Ji of Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education has officially resigned from KBS and signed a contract with SM C&C.

As of May 21st (KST), PD Lee has turned in her resignation at KBS in order to officially work for SM C&C. Since entering KBS in 2004, she has produced and directed multiple variety shows for the broadcasting service, proving her exceptional qualities as a PD. Some of the shows include, Hello Counsellor (2010), Moonlight Prince (2013), and Exciting India (2015).

With the announcement of PD Lee joining SM C&C, many are speculating the company to be planing their very own production of variety shows. PD Lee has received much attention for her pioneering and creative ideas. Many fans are already looking forward to what synergy PD Lee and SM C&C will array.

SM C&C has been consistently taking part in the content production of variety shows like Happy Sunday – Qualifications of Men, 1 vs. 100, Human Quality, Our Neighbourhood Arts and Physical Education, and Barefoot Friends as well as dramas like Miss Korea, Prime Minister and I, and To the Beautiful You.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the netizens’ comments:

[+250, -5] I don’t think they should’ve signed her….

[+179, -11] SM C&C doesn’t really seem to have an eye for talents… hmm…

[+134, -5] I really enjoy ‘EXO Next Door’ but please don’t ever produce another cringeworthy show like that again…

[+92, -5] I don’t know, not really feeling this decision

[+17, -1] Her resume isn’t that impressive. Other than ‘Qualifications of Men’, all of those variety shows have been known as utter failures. Any show that had an SM idol or Kang Ho Dong has failed.

[+20, -4] I wish SM would just create their own SMTV channel and fu*k off

Source: Osen, Osen via Naver