“PD Note” Reveals Producers Cut Trainee’s Screen Time For Speaking Up About Unfair Treatment

They didn’t tolerate talking back.

MBC‘s investigative journalist program, PD Note, recently revealed the dark realities of Produce X 101. One segment that shocked viewers was the staff’s reception towards the trainees. They allegedly cut their screen time if they tried to ask for better treatment.

The anonymous interviewee claimed that the staff woke them up each morning “with an arrogant temper.”

The morning, we get up, right? The producers are the ones who wake us up. They would wake us up with an arrogant temper.

– Produce X 101 trainee

He recalled how one trainee asked the staff why they were being woken up like that. It was upsetting to wake up at the end of someone’s temper first thing in the morning. The staff got angry at the trainee, asking him, “Are you getting mad at us?”

After that incident, the trainee almost never appeared on screen anymore.

Netizens were rightfully upset after this was revealed.

This shocked me the most…

Wow… seriously, this is beyond my imagination…

Their power trip is solid, crazy bast*rds…

This is dumbfounding, why are they like that?

Ah the kids are so pitiful…

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo