[★TRENDING] Peculiar Chemistry between Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo

Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo are causing fans to go crazy with their emotional scene on the latest episode of SBS’ Running Man.

In the January 8th episode of Running Man, the members played a game called “Sorry, Thank You, I Love You”. In this game, the cast told each other what they were sorry for, thankful for, and why they loved them.

First, when it was Song Ji Hyo’s turn, Lee Kwang Soo began by apologizing to her for treating her so roughly even though she was a girl. He revealed honestly that he felt far more comfortable with her than the rest of the members, which was the reason for being so rough.

Kwang Soo also apologized and hoped that he didn’t hurt Song Ji Hyo’s feelings through all this. He continued on to reveal a sweet story about Song Ji Hyo and his friendship:

“Six years ago, you bought me fish and a fan when I moved [houses]. You sent me a message to congratulate me and encouraged me as well. Thank you!”

— Lee Kwang Soo

However, when it was Song Ji Hyo’s turn, she shocked everyone and revealed that Lee Kwang Soo offered her a place to stay when she moved out temporarily after arguing with her mother 3 years ago.

“Three years ago, I fought with my mother and left home for a while. I had nowhere to go but [Kwang Soo] offered me your place to stay. I’m thankful for that.”

— Song Ji Hyo

Seeing the shock on everyone’s faces, Lee Kwang Soo loosened the mood by revealing, “I offered you a place to stay because I wasn’t going to be home due to filming, but now that you say it that way, it sounds a little odd.”

The other cast members looked at Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo with shocked and curious expressions, despite his explanation.

It looks like the two share an incredible bond and friendship, which is already evident by the way they stuck together during Song Ji Hyo’s hard times after Running Man ended.

Watch the scene below:

Source: Maeil