Pennsylvania State University Gymnast Melissa Astarita Performs Floor Routine To BTS’s “Dope”

“Dope” is the perfect music for any occasion!

BTS‘s “Dope” is the perfect soundtrack for all occasions, even a gymnastics floor routine!

Clip from BTS’s “Dope” music video | 1theK/YouTube

Melissa Astarita, a gymnast and senior at Pennsylvania State University, used “Dope” as the music for her floor routine during a gymnastics meet on February 13.

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The exciting “Dope” instrumental was the perfect soundtrack for her floor routine, which was filled with impressive stunts like an open double tuck.

Melissa Astarita also danced to “Dope” during the routine while her teammates cheered her on.

Melissa Astarita’s floor routine ended with a pike double, and the commentator complimented her on her excellent control during the difficult skill.

Melissa Astarita earned a score of 9.875 with her floor routine!

Congrats and job well done to Melissa Astarita!


Source: Reddit